Breast surgery with silicone implant placement for breast augmentation is not a procedure that requires care only in the postoperative period. Like any procedure, plastic surgeries also have care that must be taken before surgery.

The patient must actively participate in the process of her surgery from before to after it.

Here’s how to prepare and organize for the surgery you plan:

Step 1: The most important thing: Choose the plastic surgeon. The chosen professional will be responsible for using the best technique to achieve the result you want. But be careful with the choice, as not every professional is able to perform this surgery. So, when looking for it, be sure to check if the professional is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP). Also try to pay a visit to know the facilities of the clinic/hospital where you will schedule surgery.

Step 2: Perform all preoperative tests requested by the physician. Being in good health is essential to ensure even more safety for the patient.

Step 3: Follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon regarding the preparation of the surgery. Generally, he recommends eating healthy and practicing physical activities, as nutrients and exercises help in conditioning and strengthen the muscles. It is important to be well physically to also minimize the risks and have a successful surgery.

So follow these steps, respect your body and body and, above all, listen and do everything your physician recommends, so your surgery will be a success.