After pregnancy, several questions arise about plastic procedures: when it is safe to perform them and how to restore the body’s contour and rejuvenate the skin. This is a delicate period that requires meticulous care to ensure a successful process.

As for the appropriate time for a post-pregnancy plastic surgery, it is recommended to wait at least six months after giving birth and at least three months after the end of breastfeeding. Changes in the body, such as edema, hormonal changes and return to previous body weight, indicate the importance of waiting until the body returns to natural conditions. In some cases, this period may be extended, especially when there has been significant weight gain, requiring a longer recovery.

The possibility of becoming pregnant after body surgery is confirmed, with a normal course of pregnancy being possible, regardless of previous surgeries, such as mammoplasties or abdominoplasties. However, it is advisable to perform surgery, especially abdominoplasty, after pregnancy to preserve the durability of the results. If the patient wishes to become pregnant after the procedure, it is recommended to wait at least one year.

After pregnancy, several body changes can occur, such as excess skin, sagging, accumulation of fat in specific areas, tissue loss and abdominal muscle weakness. In these cases, Mommy Makeover is an option that involves different techniques in three surgical stages: abdominal plastic surgery, liposculpture and breast plastic surgery. The procedure may include breast augmentation, mastopexy, liposuction, liposculpture and abdominoplasty, being customized according to the anatomical needs and specific desires of each patient.

It is important to highlight that the decision to undergo plastic surgery after pregnancy is a personal choice, shaped by the individual needs and aesthetic desires of each woman. By seeking guidance from a trusted plastic surgeon, duly registered with the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, women can take a safe path towards recovering self-esteem and reestablishing physical and emotional well-being.

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