Placing a breast implant is a personal decision that can change a person’s life. Those who go through this procedure often have unique experiences and understand certain aspects that only those who have gone through the same experience can fully understand. Here are some things that only someone who has had breast implants understands:

Detailed Research: Before deciding on a silicone implant, there is extensive research into the different types of implants, sizes, profiles and surgical techniques. Those who have gone through this know that it is necessary to invest time and effort to make the best decision.

Expectations and Concerns: Before surgery, it is common to feel a mixture of anticipation and concern. The person may be excited about the prospect of achieving their desired body, but also concerned about the results, recovery and possible risks involved.

Consultations with the plastic surgeon: It is during the pre-surgical consultations that doubts are clarified, alignment of the expected result, among other things. These conversations are key to ensuring a clear understanding of the process and aligning with patient expectations.

Implant Size Decision: One of the most important choices is implant size. Anyone who has gone through this decision knows that you need to consider your body proportion, lifestyle, personal motivations and even your desire to find a balance between naturalness and volume.

Recovery and post-operative care: The recovery period is challenging. Compresses, use of surgical bra, physical activity restrictions and frequent medical follow-up are just some of the situations faced. Understanding postoperative care is essential for proper recovery.

Renewed Self-Esteem: One of the most rewarding rewards of getting breast implants is improved self-esteem. Feeling more confident, comfortable and satisfied with the way you look is something that only those who have gone through the experience really understand.

Remembering that it is important to always seek expert medical advice when considering the placement of silicone implants and follow all the recommendations of your plastic surgeon to obtain the best results and ensure your health and safety.

*This content is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice or as a substitute for consultation with a trained physician or medical surgeon


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