The ideal size of the breast implant is different for each woman, because at the time of choosing it are analyzed individual characteristics and expectations in relation to the expected result. Choices of the ideal size and shape should be made in conjunction with the plastic surgeon. And, for this, he will evaluate some factors such as height, chest width, result that the patient expects, among others.

Silimed has always worked to satisfy a wide range of needs and develop products that are safe, efficient and that lead to an excellent result. Therefore, it offers two lines of breast implants on the market, BioDesign, which suits each patient’s biotype, and Standard, which offers round implants for a classic option.

The BIODESIGN LINE of implants by Silimed has the largest projection of the market and a perfect distribution between volume and base with 5 implant formats of different profiles and two options of surface, polyurethane and texturized, so that the implant is adequate to the body characteristics of each patient.

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STANDARD LINE For a more classic implant option, Silimed offers the Standard line with exclusively round implants that have a textured or smooth surface with extra high and high projections.
Standard line implants have a great versatility of indications and is ideal for patients who want the breast fully filled, in a more natural way.

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