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The chromatic choices we make for our clothes on a daily basis, in addition to communicating about our personality and mood, also influence our psyche. In the work “Psychology of Colors”, author Eva Heller delves into the complexities of the relationships between colors and our emotions. When we apply this understanding to the selection of colors for New Year’s Eve, we are faced with a palette of meanings that goes beyond white.

The Brazilian tradition of wearing white on New Year’s Eve has its origins intertwined with various cultural influences, being strongly associated with Afro-Brazilian practices. White, in this context, transcends mere aesthetic symbolism and acquires significant spiritual depth, representing peace, purity and spiritual connection. But the use of white is also linked to European culture. In the Western imagination, white is often associated with beginnings and new beginnings. This conception, combined with African symbolism, strengthened the choice of white as the predominant color in celebrating the New Year in Brazil.

However, if you want to choose a different color for New Year’s Eve, you can be inspired by color psychology and stand out among endless achromatic looks. Blue, for example, refers to serenity and stability. It’s a choice that, over the centuries, has been appreciated for its ability to inspire confidence and convey a sense of calm in the face of the unknown. Green, symbolizing hope and balance, reflects the search for a more promising and harmonious future.

The presence of red on New Year’s Eve, although less common, evokes passion and energy, suggesting a willingness to face challenges with vigor. Pink is linked to feelings of love, compassion and harmony. By choosing this color, people can express their desire for more affectionate relationships and building meaningful bonds.

Metallic tones are on the rise and can be an excellent choice for those who want a more glamorous composition. Associated with wealth, prosperity and success, gold is chosen by those who seek to attract fortune and achievements in the next year. It is a color that reflects optimism and light, symbolizing the search for significant achievements. The color silver is associated with values ​​such as modernity, innovation and reflection. Choosing silver can indicate a search for positive change, renewal and looking to the future with an open mind.

Orange, energetic and vibrant, symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity and joy. Whoever chooses this color may be looking for a year full of vitality and new opportunities. Purple is often linked to spirituality, mystery and transformation. Whoever chooses this color may be expressing the desire to delve deeper into internal issues, seeking personal growth and spiritual renewal.

These interpretations are based on general concepts of color psychology and may vary according to each person’s culture and individual experiences. Choosing a color for New Year’s Eve, therefore, is a personal and symbolic way of expressing aspirations and intentions for the year ahead.

Lais Machado

Journalist and Image and Style Consultant


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