According to the most recent data from the survey conducted by the International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Brazil ranked second in the number of plastic surgeries in the world in 2020, with more than 1.5 million surgeries.

Although the breast implant is the darling of women, there are other types of implants. Learn a little more about the most used implants in plastic surgeries in Brazil.

Breast implants are indicated for those who want to enlarge the breasts, who seek a better asymmetry between them, for those who want to have greater balance or harmony of the breasts in relation to the body, for those who underwent a mastectomy or had some type of injury.

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Glute implants are recommended for anyone who wants to increase the size of the butt or shape the shape of the glutes. It is also indicated for those who have small buttocks or who have great sagging or lack of support.

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Mento implants Recommended for patients
with weak or slightly retracted chin and / or prominent nose, as this procedure helps to balance facial features. Usually those who seek this type of implant are those people who, when looking in the mirror, feel uncomfortable with the size of the chin or find it disproportionate to the nose.

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And remember: always choose a plastic surgeon member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. He is a qualified professional and will know how to indicate the type of implant ideal for you, according to your need and your biotype.

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