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If you are thinking about having surgery to place silicone implants in your breasts, in order to improve your self-esteem, it is important to take all doubts to feel more confident.

Therefore, we separate the main doubts of our patients and answer them to help you be ready to give that boost to your self-esteem. Continue your reading for clarification and be even safer for your decision.

From what age is it possible to place silicone implants in the breasts?

Experts recommend that the surgery be done after the maturation of the patient’s body, so that the breast is already fully formed.

How is the size of silicone implants chosen for a better result?
This choice should be up to the plastic surgeon who, after a conversation with the patient about her goal and desires, will consider the measurements of the chest, taking into account the width, height and inner circular area of the breast, thus defining the best volume and shape of the ideal implant for her biotype.

How is the postoperative period of surgery?
There are precautions that are essential for any surgery, such as absolute rest for a few days, healthy eating and hydration. In addition, for a good recovery after breast augmentation surgery, it is necessary to:

  • Avoid lifting your arms, making a lot of effort and not carrying weight;
  • Do not sleep on your stomach or on your side;
  • Wear the surgical bra until your doctor releases the use of the common model;
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun, as it may cause swelling and the appearance of spots in the region.

Is it true that you can go home a few hours after surgery for the placement of silicone implants in the breast? How soon will the hospital be released?
The patient may return home on the day of the operation or the next morning, depending on the surgeon’s assessment. Postoperative bra should be worn for thirty days and stitches will usually be removed between seven and fourteen days. But, your plastic surgeon will recommend what’s best for you.

Will I be able to have preventive exams after surgery?
Yes. The mammogram, requested by the physician, can be done normally, but it is necessary to inform the existence of the implant before the examination.

If I want to have children, can I breastfeed?
Yes. The breast implant does not interfere with breastfeeding. Surgery is usually performed behind the mammary glands, so the space occupied by the imp