For the autumn/winter 2024 season, makeup celebrates simplicity and sophistication, adopting a minimalist, “less is more” approach that emphasizes natural beauty. One of the most prominent trends is the preference for monochromatic eyeshadows in soft, opaque tones, such as nude, which give a discreet and elegant look. This neutral color palette allows you to create versatile looks, ideal for different occasions, from everyday life to more formal events.
In addition to monochromatic eyeshadows, gloss and highlighter continue to be protagonists this season, adding a subtle shine and luminosity to the cheekbones and temples. These products perfectly complement the proposal for minimalist makeup, highlighting the high points of the face in a delicate and refined way. The result is a fresh and radiant appearance, which highlights the person’s natural beauty.
However, simplicity does not mean monotony. Minimalist makeup offers room for experimentation and personal expression. You can play with textures and finishes, such as using lip gloss for a bold touch or strategically applying highlighter to highlight specific areas of the face. This creative freedom allows each individual to adapt trends according to their personal style and preferences.
In short, fall/winter 2024 makeup is a celebration of authentic, effortless beauty. By adopting a minimalist approach and focusing on enhancing natural features, it is possible to achieve an elegant and sophisticated appearance, without giving up individuality and personal expression.
Text by Layla Figueira • Professional makeup artist
Instagram: @laylafigbeauty
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