The R24 technique is a surgical procedure developed with the aim of accelerating and improving the postoperative recovery process of patients undergoing silicone prosthesis placement. The term “R24” derives from “Recovery in 24 hours”, highlighting its proposal to allow patients to resume their normal activities in a significantly reduced period.

How it works?

The R24 procedure involves a carefully planned and executed surgical approach, which aims to minimize tissue trauma during the placement of silicone implants. This is achieved through advanced surgical techniques, such as precise incisions and delicate tissue manipulation, which result in less bleeding and inflammation during surgery.
Additionally, the R24 technique includes the administration of specific medications during and after the procedure, designed to reduce pain, control inflammation, and prevent post-operative complications such as infections. This combination of intra- and post-operative care contributes to a faster and more comfortable recovery for the patient.

How it works?

During the R24 procedure, advanced surgical techniques, such as precise incisions and gentle tissue manipulation, are employed to reduce bleeding and inflammation associated with traditional surgery. In addition, specific medications are administered to control pain, inflammation and prevent postoperative complications such as infections.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are notable: patients experience a faster recovery and can return to normal activities in a significantly shorter time than with conventional techniques. Furthermore, the incidence of complications, such as excessive bleeding and infections, is considerably reduced. Aesthetically, the R24 technique results in less swelling and a more natural appearance of silicone implants, providing improved aesthetic results.

In summary, the R24 represents a landmark advancement in aesthetic surgery, offering patients a safer, more efficient and comfortable option for the placement of silicone implants. However, it is important to note that the suitability of this technique varies from patient to patient, and it is essential to discuss options with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine the best course of action based on individual needs. Ultimately, R24 is transforming the experience of breast implant surgery, providing faster recovery and superior aesthetic results.

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