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Why do women want to have a silicone implant?

Placing breast implants may be an option for those wishing to increase or decrease breast size, correct asymmetries, or improve breast contouring. It is important to highlight that it is common for many doubts to arise on the subject, from the choice of the type of silicone prosthesis to the price of surgery.

All these questions can only be answered within an office, but the costs of a silicone implant surgery can vary according to several factors, such as geographic location, experience of the plastic surgeon, type of implant used, among others. In general, the items that can make up the price of a silicone surgery include:

  • Pre-surgical consultations;
  • Preoperative exams;
  • Plastic surgeon’s fees;
  • Acquisition and choice of silicone prosthesis: The value of the implant may vary according to the size and format chosen;
  • Costs of surgical support professionals: These costs involve professionals such as anesthesiologist and surgical instrumentator and can be requested separately;
  • Hospital fees;
  • Post-surgery medications;
  • Post-operative care: drains, medications, surgical bra, among others;
  • Post-surgery consultation;
  • Other expenses: May include items such as sutures and other materials used in the procedure.

It is important to note that these items may vary according to each surgery and geographic region. Therefore, it is essential that the patient talks to the plastic specialist to understand all the steps involved in performing a breast implant placement surgery.

Talk to your surgeon, ask your questions and prepare accordingly.

*This content is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for consultation with a trained physician or physician surgeon.


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