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Body Contouring Implants | Gluteal Line | Quartz Shape

Oval base, high projection & smooth opaque  surface



It has an oval base, high projection and smooth opaque surface, obtained through differentiated technology. The Gluteal Quartzo implant is indicated for those who have a hip shape, where the height is greater and the width less.


  • high projection
  • For hips where the height is greater and the width is less

Available on surfaces:

  • smooth opaque

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    Studies indicate that the type of implant surface can directly influence the outcome of the surgery.:



    • Made of a mechanically resistant silicone elastomer membrane with low-bleed treatment, which contributes to less transudation of the gel.


    Only Silimed gluteal implants have the perfect combination of the dimensions of the base and the projection that adjust harmoniously to the anatomy of the region, providing a satisfactory result for the patient.

    These products are produced with a resistant elastomer membrane, filled with 100% medical grade, high performance silicone gel. Because it is a region that suffers constant impacts and pressures, the gel has consistency and hardness developed to resemble the tissues of the area⁹ and maintain resistance.