Breast Implants

Breast Implants

BioDesign Line

Enhance Shape

Breast Implants | Biodesign Line | Enhance Shape

Oval base & anatomical profile



The BioDesign line has an innovative concept and offers the plastic surgeon the possibility of choice of silicone implant according to the patient’s biotype. He considers the breast measurements to define implant base measurement.


  • Upper pole filling
  • For tall, slim women with a long, narrow chest

Available on surfaces:

  • Pure Polyurethane
  • True Texture

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    Studies indicate that the type of implant surface can directly influence the outcome of the procedure. Silimed offers two surface options for breast implants:

    Superfície Pure Polyurethane


    • Low capsular contracture rate of 1% in 10 years.¹
    • The polyurethane adhesive resists rotation.²
    • Its velcro effect is effective in patients with ptosis.²
    Superfície True Texture


    • Patented texture method with formation of open pores in the membrane without the use of negative printing, sugar or sodium chloride.
    • Low capsular contracture rate of 8,7% in 9 years³. Other manufacturers report rates of up to 17% in 10 years⁴ in clinical studies.⁵'⁶

    Filling Gel

    Soft enough to mimic the feel of natural breast tissue, and firm enough to maintain the shape of the implant. The implants of the BioDesign line have an HSC + gel that contours the body and maintains the natural appearance.

    • High performance cohesive gel.
    • Degree of penetration: more consistent. (The lower the measured grade, the higher the consistency of the gel) Higher index of gel integration with the membrane.⁵ Maximum gel elasticity index.⁵ Maintains the stability of the formate. ⁵